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Imaginator: Pina Oxton by Deadpool100000 Imaginator: Pina Oxton :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 1 0 Imaginator: Draco the Dragonwet by Deadpool100000 Imaginator: Draco the Dragonwet :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 0 2 If someone can read this, I'll be surprised by Deadpool100000 If someone can read this, I'll be surprised :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 2 8
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Spies and Agents Chapter 1: Story Time Part 1 :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 2 0
Imaginator: Emerald by Deadpool100000 Imaginator: Emerald :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 0 0
Spring Maiden Theory
In volume 3, we kept hearing about the Spring Maiden, but never saw her. But my prediction is that every Maiden has the color on them, rather it be their clothes, eyes, hair, weapon, or could even be in their name, that relates to their season. Example for Fall would be the colors of brown, red, orange, and yellow. Now Amber had brown hair and Pyrrha had Red hair. Both had yellow on their outfit. Now that I got that cleared, what would the colors be for spring?  Now before I get started like on this, I should have been more specific about the colors. Each year, it’s different shades of color. Really, if you look up “spring colors” it will show different colors for different years. Now, 2013, the same year when the last episode of Volume 1 happened, these were the Spring colors for that year. Poppy Rose, Nectarine, Monaco Blue, Tender Shoots, Lemon Zest, Linen, African Violet, Grayed Jade, Dusk Blue, and lastly, Emerald.

Now I
:icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 1 4
Mature content
Starting Over Prologue: New Beginning :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 0 0
Mature content
Penny series B2: Reunited :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 1 2
Anime Stardom: Mikey x Female Reader Prologue
This series goes out to my female watchers. Thanks for following and enjoying the stuff I make and write. And if you followed me because I followed you, thanks anyway. I’m happy that the stuff I do appeal to both genders.
Prologue: New beginning at life
On a battleship in the middle on the ocean
Gonard: This isn’t the end, Lily Mu! I’ll get you all next time! *he makes his escape by jumping into a submarine and vanishing into the water*
Lily: He got away!
Mitsuki: And he took the super serum with him.
MIkey: With that, who knows what could happen.
Guano: And that’s a rap.
The camera stops rolling and the scene board is risen up.
Guano: Another good season guys.
Ozu: *walks on set* Yes. Very good.
Yes man: OZU AGREES!!
Ozu: Oh, I also has a couple of special guest
Mikey, Guano, Gonard, Mizuki, and Lily: Who?
Ozu then motions for you and your brother to come on set. The two of us do so then stand next to him.
Ozu: Gonard, Guano, Lily, Mitsuki. Let me introduce you
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Imaginator: Azuki by Deadpool100000 Imaginator: Azuki :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 1 0 Imaginator: Luna  by Deadpool100000 Imaginator: Luna :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 0 0 Imaginator: Flare 1.5 by Deadpool100000 Imaginator: Flare 1.5 :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 0 0 Bionicle: Luna the Golden Warrior  by Deadpool100000 Bionicle: Luna the Golden Warrior :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 0 0 Imaginator: Yuuki Konno by Deadpool100000 Imaginator: Yuuki Konno :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 1 0 Imaginator: Flare by Deadpool100000 Imaginator: Flare :icondeadpool100000:Deadpool100000 1 0
Pina Oxton Bio (Edit)
(New version)
Jackie and her twin was born on Christmas Eve in Mississippi in the city of Biloxi. At the age of four years, she, her brother, and her parents moved out of the cities and into a rural are, far from home, within Illinois. At the age of five, they started working on the farm. They worked everyday until they started Elementary School. It was then every Saturday and Sunday. All of this might seem overwhelming, but they were completely whelmed throughout it all. They had great grades and were strong workers. However, Jackie did pulled pranks a lot. Jackie even joined a couple of after school clubs. But something bad happened during their first year of Highschool. One night, a not so kind blue alien, a Kree, burst into the farm house, demanding to talk to Olivia, but he said her name a little differently. Antonia told Jackie and her twin to follow him. They didn't listen. They did not wanted to leave their mom. They ran to the room where their mom a
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Wesley J Yancey
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Some of my favorite animes, but not in order, includes, Sword Art Online, RWBY, Kill La Kill, Pokemon, Digimon, Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, Date A Live, Monster Musume, and Accel World.
I really enjoy listing to Vocaloid, Linkin Park, and Imagine Dragons
I am from Iowa, love writing, reading, watching YouTube, and playing video games.
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Russian LMD life hacker
Famous Anime trope, YANDERE!!!!!
I'm back, in black.

I also swear to god that this whole Agents of Hydra arc was just an SAO reference because they do like to do reference. I mean really, with in the first arc of season 4 (this current season), there were A LOT of Overwatch references. And Coulson did mention if that they take off the thing that is on Mac's head when he is connected to the framwork, it will fry his brain. Now what does that sound like? Oh yeah! If someone from the outside world attempts to remove your NerveGear, it will send high input microwave singles to your skull, simultaneously frying your brain.

But that is what I have to say about this episode, and this season SO FAR! The season 4 finally of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is next week. Will Mac get out of the framework? Will Ada be stopped? We will just have to stay tuned to find out.

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